Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Build your brand experience one WOW at a time.

Build your brand experience one WOW at a time.

Sadly, most small businesses fall short of creating a wow factor in their brand experience.

Think about how you can stop settling for nice, and aim for impressive. If you want I’ll even push you. No, not if you want, today I’m challenging you to try harder. Specifically, I'm asking you to find one opportunity to add some wow.
There’s not a single remarkable brand out there that doesn’t have some kind of thrill built into their customer experience. When it comes to standing out in people’s minds, this stuff is low-hanging fruit!
....and below is this weeks Freshly brewed - happy reading.

Hiring someone to create a brand or product name for you comes with a high price tag. Here’s one reason why: (Hint: You probably shouldn’t accidentally make references to semen.)

This is, by far, the sexiest note-taking phone app I’ve seen. It makes me want to make to-do lists, you guys.
Hope you enjoyed it.

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