Monday, 27 June 2016

Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand

I recently started using CoSchedule to organize my editorial calendar, know when I'm publishing what, and link social media efforts to it all, and you know what? So far, it's phenomenal!
I kind of feel like this company is doing to photography what Uber is doing to the taxi industry. Maybe that’s a bit strong, and while you may not be their target market, have a look at how they have created a great point-of-difference! Now that’s how you create a brand!
Same with these guys, just using video instead.
This slogan generator is a fun creativity tool! (In the past they have been pretty ordinary but this actually works)
Here's a simple trick for getting more people to read what you write: write like you talk.
A cool tool that lets you schedule posts to Instagram.
And finally, a foul-mouthed weather app. Because who doesn't need one of these?!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Creative Startups

Creative Startups

This week’s, ahem, creative business? Professional cuddling. As in, getting paid to spoon with someone. As in, someone actually made a business out of this. I’m not sure which is more...interesting: The fact that this legitimately exists, or the fact that there’s a demand for it.
 When you look at the most successful people in any industry, one key distinction between them and the rest of their peers is the ability to focus on what’s important. Not what’s simply in front of them at that moment in time.”

Count yourself as one of the bazillion people who always wanted to write a book? Now, you can get a publishing contract from Amazon by letting the readers vote.

Find out if your startup name is available on the net

Paypal’s made it easier to passively aggressively harass your friends for the money they owe you!

Not ready to become a professional cuddler? Perhaps you’d enjoy sending people potatoes with messages written on them. Or bricks. If you live in England shipping is free! Go figure.

Lets get serious, this is probably the only post worth reading here today. It’s not about “producing content.” It’s about being the best answer.

Selfie” might be the word of the decade (based on a very un-scholarly observation by moi), but there’s still a lot of selfie-shame that comes with letting the world know you are unabashedly taking self-important photographs of yourself. Then things got much worse: The selfie-stick was born. If you’ve ever had a love/hate relationship with the mere thought of using a selfie-stick, perhaps this selfie smart mirror is more your speed. 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Build your brand experience one WOW at a time.

Build your brand experience one WOW at a time.

Sadly, most small businesses fall short of creating a wow factor in their brand experience.

Think about how you can stop settling for nice, and aim for impressive. If you want I’ll even push you. No, not if you want, today I’m challenging you to try harder. Specifically, I'm asking you to find one opportunity to add some wow.
There’s not a single remarkable brand out there that doesn’t have some kind of thrill built into their customer experience. When it comes to standing out in people’s minds, this stuff is low-hanging fruit!
....and below is this weeks Freshly brewed - happy reading.

Hiring someone to create a brand or product name for you comes with a high price tag. Here’s one reason why: (Hint: You probably shouldn’t accidentally make references to semen.)

This is, by far, the sexiest note-taking phone app I’ve seen. It makes me want to make to-do lists, you guys.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Internets best branding ideas, resources & inspiration

Learn about Internets best branding ideas, resources & inspiration.

Murphy’s Law states that if your website is going have a brain freeze, it will be at some ungodly hour. A friend proved this to me last Saturday night, calling for help when his website stopped processing online payments. Not a problem I said, just hit up this site and you’ll be right. He spent forty minutes talking to a LIVE PERSON ONLINE - a Stewart I believe - who was able to trouble shoot the problem. Now that’s service!

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature that allows you to search & hire pros…straight from their profiles. I predict this is going to be BIG. 
Apple has a really big pile of cash. No, like really big. (Believe me, I know. I've been adding to it since about 1988.) 
The 37 Best Websites To Learn Something New. Now there is absolutely no excuse for you not to fix world poverty. 
We all love something for free right? Ontraport have just released this landing page website builder with forms. (It's stuff like this that is doing me out of a job!)

Hope you enjoyed it.